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CANINE CAMP Dog Training & Puppy Classes

Canine Camp is a unique option that combines dog daycare and obedience training to provide dogs with both free play and structured learning opportunities throughout the day. Dogs spend time in the dog daycare socializing with other dogs under staff supervision. Additionally, our staff trainers take the dogs out for one-on-one structured learning sessions based on our clients’ specific training goals and objectives, from building a solid foundation of basic obedience, to increased dog socialization, to complete off-leash walking control.

Commands are taught with a high level of precision and timing and proofed by training dogs around a high level of distractions, from 30+ other dogs, to traffic, to crowds. You will appreciate that your dog’s training program is individualized to ensure success in your family’s home and in public, and we will routinely communicate with you to customize and build upon your dog’s foundational obedience. Your dog will always be excited to come to “school” because he or she will get plenty of playtime in between dog training lessons to socialize with other dogs.

Canine Camp is also a very successful program for young puppies and can be a perfect substitute for owners who are on the go and cannot otherwise attend puppy classes in MA, but still desire a well-behaved little one. We can even help with things like crate training!

The Canine Camp Curriculum combines a foundation of basic obedience with a customized program designed to meet your needs and work with your dog’s temperament. We train your dog and we teach you! At Canine Camp, we use a variety of dog training methods, including high-value food rewards, to teach dog obedience commands and basic manners including: “Sit,” “Down,” “Stay,” “Come,” “Place,” “Leave-It,” leash control (no more pulling!), and any other commands that may address behavior problems your dog is having.

A minimum of 8-10 sessions is required to start seeing results. Then, we teach you what your dog has learned in a private, one-hour, one-on-one session, in which our trainers will ensure that you are comfortable with all of the dog training skills necessary to continue reinforcing and motivating positive behaviors with your dog at home.

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