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At LCA, we specialize in In-Home Dog Training Visits and Private Dog Training Sessions that take place in your home to help you address any specific behavior issues that you are experiencing with your dog in your unique environment. One of our trainers will visit you to assess your dog’s temperament and develop a customized plan specific to your dog’s age, breed and behavioral issues. Our methods are individualized to address your needs, goals and objectives, easy to learn and effective. We also incorporate dog obedience and manners as part of your daily routine.

Whether your challenges are: begging, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, puppy crate training, house breaking, destructive behavior, or you just desire increased obedience, our experienced dog trainers will evaluate your dog’s temperament in your home and help you set up a blueprint for success. Your dog will become a canine good citizen both in your home and in public.

A key component in training is creating a structured environment and managing it appropriately so that your dog can be successful. An In-Home Visit from one of our dog trainers will ensure that you establish the proper relationship with your dog based on trust and mutual respect. Our In-Home Dog Training Visits also focus on coaching you on how to be your dog’s pack leader, a better dog handler, and establish an open line of communication with your dog. This is important so that you can read his or her body language and anticipate behaviors to correct or reward and reinforce those that you want to continue.

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