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Beverly Dog Training

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128 Park Street, Unit A-6
Beverly, MA 01915
128 Park Street, Unit A-6
Beverly, MA 01915

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Peabody Dog Training

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147 Summit Street #6
Peabody, MA 01960
147 Summit Street #6
Peabody, MA 01960

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Naples Dog Training

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Salem Dog Trainers


Dog Training Services in Peabody, Beverly & Salem MA Area

At LCA, we specialize in In-Home Dog Training Visits and Private Dog Training Sessions that take place in your home to help you address any specific behavior issues that you are experiencing with your dog in your unique environment. One of our trainers will visit you to assess your dog’s temperament and develop a customized plan specific to your dog’s age, breed and behavioral issues. Our methods are individualized to address your needs, goals and objectives, easy to learn and effective. We also incorporate dog obedience and manners as part of your daily routine.

Whether your challenges are: begging, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, puppy crate training, house breaking, destructive behavior, or you just desire increased obedience, our experienced dog trainers will evaluate your dog’s temperament in your home and help you set up a blueprint for success. Your dog will become a canine good citizen both in your home and in public.

A key component in training is creating a structured environment and managing it appropriately so that your dog can be successful. An In-Home Visit from one of our dog trainers will ensure that you establish the proper relationship with your dog based on trust and mutual respect. Our In-Home Dog Training Visits also focus on coaching you on how to be your dog’s pack leader, a better dog handler, and establish an open line of communication with your dog. This is important so that you can read his or her body language and anticipate behaviors to correct or reward and reinforce those that you want to continue.  

In-Home Visit Dog Training Packages


This program is for first-time dog owners with puppies or newly adopted adult dogs. It includes two 90-minute In-Home Dog Training Visits. We understand the exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming task of bringing a new puppy or dog into your home. Our dog trainers can help you get off to a positive start by building a solid foundation of basic obedience and appropriate house manners and helping you set up the proper environment (including exercise regiments, potty and crate training, and a routine catered towards your dog’s specific breed and temperament) for continued success.


This program includes three In-Home Dog Training Visits to help you address any unwanted behaviors that you are experiencing with your adult dog. Some dogs require more structure than others. Your dog’s breed, age and temperament will dictate the type of environment that he or she will be most successful in on a daily basis.

This program is also optimum for those with large families who need help managing their new dog in a busy environment with lots of distractions, including: young children, many visitors coming and going in and out of the home, lots of other dogs and animals throughout the neighborhood, or even those who live on busy city streets or in highly populated areas where dogs must be on their best behavior.


Our experienced dog trainers can help make the transition to welcoming your new little one easier for you and your dog. We will coach you on how to create the proper environment necessary for your dog and baby to live harmoniously in together. Your dog trainer will focus on teaching you to teach your dog the “Place” command - or “go to your bed and stay there until released” – the “Leave-It” command – or “don’t touch that” – and other obedience commands designed to create a safe and secure environment in which your dog and baby can co-exist peacefully. We’ll also coach you on how to introduce your pup to your new pride and joy to set you all up for success!


Follow-Up Visits are 90-minutes long and consist of a complete review of what was covered in the previous week’s lesson(s). During the Follow-Up Visit, our trainers continue to coach you on how to be the best handler possible, and review and modify the approaches you’ve been mastering so that you can accelerate your pace at achieving your desired goals.

We offer In-Home Dog Training Visits across the North Shore of Massachusetts, including Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn and Danvers, MA. Call us to schedule a visit or to learn more about how an In-Home Dog Training visit can be the first step towards your dog’s participation in our Dog Daycare, Canine Camp, BootCamp, Tracking, Protection Training, or other accelerated learning and socialization opportunities!

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