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Dog Training in Peabody, Beverly & Salem MA Area

‘Rookie Boot Camp’ Obedience I 4 Week Course

Whether at home or in public, being accompanied by an obedient dog is a most rewarding experience. There is a true joy to being acknowledged for your dog’s obedient public behavior. Through our intensive “Rookie” Obedience I course, your dog learns to obediently respond to commands: “Sit”, “Down”, “Come” when called, and “Loose-leash” walking with no tension on the leash (or tugging) in an attentive, comfortable “Heel” position. Mastering these commands while on a leash is fundamental to training your dog to respond to eventual “off-leash” communication.

At the conclusion of your dog’s “Rookie” weeks, we teach you the proper application of all learned commands and make recommendations to help you continue exercises to maintain these “now-trained” behaviors. While an obedient dog is the desire of any dog owner or handler – an obedient dog that is focused, responsive, and attentive to you is truly admired by all.

This four-week “Rookie” Obedience I course is especially recommend for your puppy at 14 weeks of age but is open to any older recruit upon our dog trainer’s evaluation. We’ll sure you’ll find this course, offered in our Peabody, MA location, a much more enriching alternative to the usual puppy classes in MA as we’ll teach you not just how to deliver commands, but how to truly establish a bond with your dog by which he or she is always focused on and paying attention to the directions coming from you, no matter where you are!

“Commandant Boot Camp” Obedience II 6 Week Course

“Commandant” Obedience II is a dynamic course to teach your dog “off-leash” disciplines and expand learned behaviors. Our professional dog trainers work “off-leash” with the basic dog obedience commands, adding in advanced behaviors and commands as appropriate.

Your dog learns to obediently respond to “off-leash” commands: “Sit” and “Extended Sit”, “Down” and “Extended Down”; “Heel” (walking beside you adjusting to your pace, speed and change of directions, coming into a sit position when you stop); “Drop it” or “Leave it” (to drop anything that is in his or her mouth); “Come” when called (your dog stops activity to immediately return to you); “Place” or “Go To …” (a place like their dog bed, stay and “do not move until you are released from that position”). Additional distractions like balls, toys, bones, etc. can be introduced to proof the dog’s commands around common distractions.

The key to successful “off-leash” training is conditioning distractions. We introduce distractions into our training each day. Over the course of the six weeks, we continually add higher stimulating distractions to the exercises to monitor your dog’s reaction. All while we provide the support helpful to sustaining your dog’s confidence and ability to generalize obedience commands in any environment. This training teaches your dog to be attentive and respond despite interruptions – unexpected encounters.

One of the keys to this program’s success, unlike any other board and train program in MA, is that there are 30+ dogs daily that attend our Canine Camp programs from the North Shore of Massachusetts, including Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn and Danvers, MA. So dogs are being trained to respond to commands around other dogs, and a large staff and many clients at a busy facility, every single day of the program.

Under our real life dog-to-dog and dog-to-people scenarios, your dog’s behavior is proofed and consistently tested to develop your dog’s understanding of what behaviors are expected; to respond accordingly under your control regardless of distractions in any stimulating environment. Our goal is to enable you to communicate successfully with your dog at all times “off-leash” with 100% confidence that your dog will promptly respond to your commands.

At the conclusions of the program, you will have a lesson with your dog’s trainer, who will teach you how to manage and enjoy your dog’s newly acquired off-leash obedience skills.

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