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Beverly Dog Training

beverly campus
128 Park Street, Unit A-6
Beverly, MA 01915
128 Park Street, Unit A-6
Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 969-6364(978) 969-6364

Peabody Dog Training

peabody campus
147 Summit Street #6
Peabody, MA 01960
147 Summit Street #6
Peabody, MA 01960

(978) 839-3856(978) 839-3856

Naples Dog Training

Naples Campus

(239) 316-0785(239) 316-0785

Salem Doggie Daycare


Test your dogs behavior

1) When my dog meets a stranger for the first time, he will stare into their eyes in an attempt to....
Say hi
Figure out if he can trust them
Show that he is submissive
Show that he is uncomfortable with this person and is challenging them.

2) When I give my dog a command like "sit" or "stay" he yawns because...
He is relaxed and is enjoying himself
He is bored
He doesnt take me seriously
He is nervous

3) Your dog is chattering their teeth because they.....
Smell a female or "bitch" in heat

4) When my dog plays with other dogs, he humps other male dogs because he...
Is just having fun and its all part of the game
Is actually a homosexual
Trying to show that he is dominant
Really likes the other dog

5) My dog shreds things in my house because she is....
Letting me know that she is mad at me
Just having fun
Bored or Anxious

6) My dog always takes other peoples hands in their mouth without biting because they....
Enjoy nipping people
Saying hello
Showing he's dominant again
Uncomfortable with them and could bite

7) When I catch my puppy urinating on the floor, he rolls over on his back and will urinate again. He does this because he...
Is not housebroken yet
Marking his territory
Has a urinary tract infection

8) I'm 100% sure that my dog does not have fleas and he always scratches his neck when I'm trying to teach him something new. He does this because...
He needs a break to calm down
He's stubborn
He's itchy and has dry skin
He's nervous

9) When you catch your dog doing something that you don't want him to do and you yell at him, he positions his ears so they are flat and back. He also turns his head away to avoid any eye contact with you because he is...

10) When my dog sees somebody or another dog that they don't know when we are walking, She snarls at them and growls. Her hackles go up, (hair on her back) her tail is held low and she becomes incredibly stiff. She also barks at them aggressively. She does this because she is...
Protecting me
Afraid and may bite or run
Saying that he is the boss and I will bite you

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