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Testimonials from Loyal Canines Clients

Jermaine has been nothing less than a blessing to the abandoned dogs of the North Shore and beyond. He has gone out of his way to pull dogs from euthanasia lists and give them a solid assessment and then training to make them adoptable and ready to begin a new life..

He is totally un-phased by the unruly antics of very formidable bullies who never had any boundaries set for them or manners taught to them (hello Dino!!) . It is a downward spiral for these massive dogs with such undirected energy, making their potential for a forever home just a dream. With calm patience, Jermaine trains the dogs and, more importantly, the handlers, providing them the tools for a life of companionship and a positive presence in the public eye.

- Donna Clark, President of ARNNE (Animal Rescue Network of New England)

I happened to meet Jermaine when I was at a local dog park. I was with my out of control lab and he was with a pack of dogs who were all listening attentively. I wondered how he was able to control such a large group of dogs when I was having extreme difficulties with just one. After introducing myself, I quickly set up an appointment for an evaluation. I have been through numerous trainers, none of which were able to teach me or my dog how to act appropriately. Jermaine, in just one session taught both Duncan and I so much, I was amazed. My demanding and out of control dog, soon became calm and manageable. I am a volunteer for a lab rescue organization and referred Jermaine to many of our adopters. His gentle and calming demeanor combined with his dog knowledge, has been a winning combination. Lucky Lab Rescue has benefited from Jermaine's training abilities and we refer him often with extreme confidence. We look forward to a continued partnership with Loyal Canines.

Thank you Jermaine for making a difference in the lives of so many dogs and their owners.

- Christy Glover, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption


When we first heard of Jermaine and Loyal Canines we were so excited to have a connection with a local trainer who provides unique programs to help our rescued dogs with behavior correction needs and socialization. We have very few foster homes and the foster parents are limited to time as the majority of them work full time jobs as well.

As a rescue that takes dogs from our local pounds, we find that many have not had the basic training and socialization that is needed to place them safely into homes w/other dogs, cats, children, etc.

Voila! That is where Jermaine has made the difference for us and many of our pound dogs. We have been thrilled with the outcomes for so many that have gone to Jermaine for 7 day training/assessment and have come back to us fully prepared to meet their adopters and settle into homes w/families and other companion dogs.

We are a rescue organization that works with bully breeds and we find that the quicker they are placed into homes the better off they are in the long run as boarding is not the best option for these high energy, bright, people oriented dogs. Jermaine gives them the training and socialization and recommendations that we desperately need to find the right adoption match for these individual dogs.

There have been a few superstars in the short time that we have been in association with Loyal Canines and to have experienced nothing but favorable outcomes, is why we will continue to use Jermaine's services and continue to recommend Loyal Canines to all of our friends and dog owners on the North Shore.

- Dee Dennis, VP of Masspaws

Lacey & Aurora

Our two adult female mixed breeds (6yrs & 2yrs) recently graduated from LCA’s 3 week Boot Camp program. Jermaine and his staff have worked wonders with our girls.

We contacted Loyal Canines at the recommendation of our Vet., after our two girls (who've always been "best friends") began to fight each other. The fights started out of nowhere, and rapidly progressed in frequency and severity. These were not little spats, and being strong 58lbs & 52lbs dogs, they were not so easily broken up. It was clear we needed to get help ASAP, especially after their last fight, which resulted with ER visits for both, & stitches for one. When the T4 tests came back normal we were able to rule out any medical issues as a cause/trigger for this unexpected and seemingly random aggression. Our Vet suggested we try calling Jermaine to help us figure out what was going on between the two dogs, and for basic obedience training. THANK GOD they pointed us in his direction, because we probably would have had no choice but to rehome one of them (which would have been beyond painful for us all). The progress we've seen thus far has been nothing short of impressive. Jermaine and his staff are the real deal. These people know their stuff, and seem to genuinely care for each of the dogs they're working with. They truly want to see these pups succeed, as well as their owners! Jermaine has contacted both myself and my husband consistently since even before we brought them in & over the course of the program with updates and input on the observations they've made, the training they do, how they do it, and how they've gone about analyzing each dogs particular issues/needs. Their knowledge, experience, & complete transparency have made us feel comfortable, & confident our beloved pets are in the right hands. As far as the facility is concerned, it is (from what i saw 1st hand) safe, clean & organized, and in an area that during training really exposes the dogs to real world situations. They're not secluded on some kind of farm or whatever where they wouldn't see or hear another dog, person, car, etc.

The dogs with aggression issues are ALWAYS on leash, and have their own area to train and relax in, so ALL the dogs are in a safe and controlled environment.

Now that the girls are home it is 100% up to us as "Pack Leaders" to make sure they stay on the right path and continue to develop the good habits and behavior they've learned so far in boot camp. We plan to bring them in as often as possible for additional training and socialization as well.

Turning a situation like this around is as much about training the dogs as it is the owners...we've both learned that it can be done as long as we remain "firm, but fair", as well as consistent in our role as leaders. We've experienced that things can get ugly if there is not enough structure and balance in a multi dog home, but we're seeing now that there IS a way to remedy the situation. We couldn’t be more thankful for these awesome trainers. Jermaine, Jay & the rest of his staff will answer any questions you have so don’t ever be afraid to ask. Highly recommend Loyal Canines!

Thanks again- Jenn, Steve, Lacey & Aurora


We rescued Nash, a lab/hound mix, from a shelter when we was about 8 months old. We know nothing about his background other than that he came from a municipal shelter in Tennessee. We were living in NYC at the time, and it was clear that the hustle and bustle of city life was more than Nash could handle. Inside our home he was a quick learner, and settled into life with us with ease. But outside, he was a nervous wreck, refusing to take food, startled by any loud sounds or unfamiliar sights, and would totally shut down and refuse to move. If we went on a walk and made it all the way around the block, we considered it a great accomplishment. On the rare occasion where we could get Nash moving, he would pull so hard that my shoulder muscles would be sore. Walks became stressful for both of us. Nash would see his leash come out, and he would dart into his crate. We worked with a few different trainers, tried many different techniques, but we were making very little progress.

We moved from NYC to Cambridge, MA and we hoped that living in a quieter neighborhood would solve all of our problems. At first, the quieter neighborhood seemed to be great for Nash. But after a week or so, we realized that he was back to behaving like he was in NYC. His anxiety when we were outside was off the charts. As he is a large dog, we quickly realized that the pulling, nervous darting all of the street, and anxiety on a leash was becoming a dangerous situation for both he and I. Since we couldn't take him on any long walks, he also wasn't getting the exercise he needed. We had a friend in the area who had enrolled their dog in Jermaine's bootcamp a few years ago. The transformation they saw with their dog was incredible, so I gave Jermaine a call to see if could help Nash.

Jermaine and I spent 20 minutes on the phone talking through our challenges, and discussing what kind of program Jermaine recommended for Nash. After I hung up the phone, I knew Jermaine would be able to work wonders with Nash. He just seemed so confident, knowledgeable and understanding, and I knew he had the skills to help Nash work on his anxiety. As much as we tried to work with Nash on our own, we just didn't have the time and the skill set to give him what he needed to work on building his confidence and overcoming his fears. We immediately scheduled a day to drop Nash off for three weeks of training with Jermaine and his team.

Jermaine was great when I called and emailed to check up on Nash to see how he was doing during his first few days of training. He always took the time to talk to me and fill me in on what Nash had accomplished to date. When we arrived for our first appointment with Jermaine after Nash had been in training for a week, we were blown away by the progress Nash had made. We took him for a real walk! On a busy street, with lots of noise and distractions, and Nash was confident, calm and under control. No shutting down, no pulling. We felt like we had a new dog! And it was incredible! Nash continued to work with Jermaine and his staff over the next two weeks, and they continued to build his confidence, and expose him to all kinds of new sights and sounds while out on walks. The progress he made was truly incredible.

The day we picked Nash up, we provided him with his first big challenge. We took him on a ferry to Nantucket. This would have been out of the question for the "old" Nash. We couldn't take him anywhere new, or introduce him to any kind of high stress situation. He would have shut down an refused to get on the boat. The "new" Nash walked onto that ferry without a care in the world! We were blown away, and this really speaks to the incredible transformation that Jermaine and his team helped Nash make.

We know that Nash's anxiety on the leash is something that we will have to continually work on. He made so much progress, and is a much more confident dog both inside our home, and outside on the leash. Jermaine gave us the tools we need to help Nash whenever he does get frightened when we are out on a walk. Walking our dog has become something fun, that I now look forward to! Nash is able to get more exercise and is a calmer, happier dog as a result. We've also noticed that he is much more attentive, and listens better since he has been back from boot camp as well.

I would definitely recommend Jermaine's boot camp to anyone! Based on the progress I have seen Nash make, I feel like Jermaine and his staff could train any dog to do anything. I only wish we lived closer so that we could use Loyal Canines for all of our daycare and boarding!

- Andrea Cestaro & Nash


We adopted Huck when he was 1 ½ years old after meeting him at an adoption event. We loved his unique athletic look and relaxed demeanor. After only a few weeks he was home with us and we were all adjusting to life together. We knew very little about Huck's background but we did know that he was from Arkansas and had spent most of his life in shelters. We quickly learned that he did not like the noises of the city. He began lunging at all the loud trucks and cars that went by. The behaviors then transitioned to people. Huck started lunging and even at times nipping at people. Walks became very stressful, Huck is 70lbs and very strong. This went on for months and we began running out of patience and options.

Google found us the Loyal Canines page. My fiancée and I read through the testimonials and it appeared like Jermaine and his trainers had dealt with other rescue dogs similar to Huck before. We called and met with Jermaine and Huck started Boot camp the next week.

We were a bit apprehensive to leave him for three weeks because of his sporadic and sometimes aggressive behavior. Jermaine assured us that Huck would do well and the abundance of other pups at the facility gave us comfort. Jermaine was always very responsive and sent us our first notification with a video of Huck displaying his new talent of running on the treadmill.

The first visit back showed immense progress and gave us hope, this progress continued during the next two visits. On graduation day we felt like we were taking home a different dog! Living in the city with Huck before Jermaine and his staff was terrifying and now it's a pleasure. No pulling, no barking, no aggressive behaviors with other dogs. We are even able to take Huck for 3-mile runs! We would probably have reconsidered our adoption of Huck had we not found Loyal Canines. Highly recommend and please reach out if you have questions. Boot camp saved our relationship with our Huck.

- Lauren, Scott & Huck


Our dog Charlie was a rescue that needed to be "fostered" while he recovered from some injuries...and three and half years later we still haven't given him up! We fell in love with him after the first week and from that point on he has been part of the family. Charlie was four months old when we got him and was very timid and scared. We figured this was normal for a puppy and tried to socialize him as much as we could. We enrolled in a dog training course and sent him to a doggie daycare. It turned out that Charlie became less scared when he was comfortable with his surroundings, but was still very scared when he was in unfamiliar situations. As Charlie got older, he began to be more vocal when he was scared..which translated to growling and barking when strangers came into the house or approached him. I tried getting him to like strangers by having them give him treats, but this only made him take the treats but continue to growl and bark! At this point I settled with his behavior thinking this was just the way he was and there was nothing that could change it. He at least got along well with other dogs, so I figured that was better than nothing, but it broke my heart to know that he was so scared inside and that his external actions were a reflection of it. He is such a sweet dog to us, that we wished he could be confident and happy at all times.

Eventually we moved to Salem, MA and I wanted to enroll him in a doggie daycare. However, I was prevented from doing so because I didn't think Charlie would be able to adjust and knew he wouldn't let the employees handle him. This was a problem because if we ever wanted to travel we didn't have anywhere to board him. Luckily my boyfriend's mom lived close by and Charlie liked her. She was gracious enough to watch him on weekends when we wanted to travel. This worked fine until my boyfriend's family got a new dog. Charlie didn't get along with their dog Zoey and was starting to display aggressive behavior towards more and more dogs....something he never did before. At this point, I didn't know what to do and felt hopeless! I looked online for dog training and daycare facilities and came across Loyal Canines. I was immediately drawn in after reading all of the testimonials. As I read, I started to feel better seeing that there were so many other dogs that had the same issues as Charlie and were able to be helped. The next day I called and set up the in home consultation with Jermaine and the rest is history! After the consultation we enrolled Charlie in the 3 week boot camp. It was really hard for me to send him away for three weeks, but I knew it was the best thing to do for him. I also felt good knowing that we would see him every week.

Jermaine and his staff took the time to get Charlie used to the people and the facility. They also worked with him to become more confident and less scared of the unfamiliar. Week by week we saw Charlie getting better. He was less scared and his obedience was perfect! The best part about his behavior and the obedience is not only the confidence it has restored to me as his owner, but Charlie is a much happier and confident dog. I don't feel nervous taking him out because I feel confident that he will obey and listen. He has also became less aggressive with dogs due to all of the positive socialization. Additionally, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and understands how to handle aggressive dogs. Following the training, we signed Charlie up for canine camp twice per week where he continuously gets positive socialization with both dogs and people. We've continued to work with him at home and he continues to get better and better! The combination of his three week bootcamp, us continuing his training and going to canine camp have been tremendous in helping Charlie. He is now back to playing with dogs and he even plays with Zoey now (who I mentioned earlier Charlie did not like!). Once again we want to thank Jermaine and his staff for taking the time to work with Charlie. He is happier and we are too!

- Keri-Anne Macaulay and Charlie


Kayla and I rescued Brady from a kill shelter in Hartford, Connecticut almost a year ago. For the first couple of months we had Brady, he was a little anxious and hyper, but pretty friendly towards most people. Soon after, Brady's behavior started to change and he became fearful of not only strangers but also of other dogs. He would bark at strangers, growl and lunge. Walking Brady became something my girlfriend and I feared, not enjoyed.

We took Brady to a couple of trainers, however we didn't get the results we wanted. The biggest issue we had was, Brady's ability to listen to us when there were distractions. Brady learned the basic commands, (sit, down etc). However, we had no control over him once he was in an outside setting. In addition, there were even certain things Brady did inside the house with us that made us believe he was abused by his previous (owners). Any time I would raise my hand (to use a fly swatter for example), Brady would bark at me and shake. He was very scared most of the time and frankly, we didn't have any answers.

After much research (roughly 30 places), I stumbled upon Jermaine's website and read these very testimonials. These testimonials made me believe in Jermaine, and this is when I went for the interview. For those of you who hopefully will have the pleasure of meeting Jermaine soon, he has an almost indescribable air of confidence that stuck with me after the interview. That reaffirmed my high expectations, and I enrolled Brady in the 3-week boot camp a few days later.

We have seen so many positive changes in Brady since his time at Loyal Canines. He is a much more confident, obedient and relaxed dog. Before, we brought Brady to Jermaine, he was afraid of other dogs. Now, when we bring him back to Jermaine for day-care, Brady is a "social butterfly". We have even been able to introduce him to my father, whom Brady previous didn't like, and they are becoming great friends.

Every staff member at Loyal Canines truly loves their job; you can clearly see that by their demeanor, patience and hard work with both the dogs and owners. I give Loyal Canines my highest recommendation. My future dogs, issues or no issues, will be going through boot camp as well. THANK YOU LOYAL CANINES!

- Love, Christian, Kayla and most of all Brady!


I rescued my dog Kona a year ago from a life of neglect and abuse. She came to me through my best friend who happened to be a certified foster for GDRNE. At the time she was not able to foster and asked if I would take care of her until she found a permanent home. My beloved Abby had just passed away, therefore; Lilly and I had been dealing with grief and loss.

As I watched Kona's behavior during the next several weeks, I realized that she was insecure and had aggression towards other dogs. I knew that I did not have the expertise to correct this behavior, but I believed that she would be best suited as a member of my family. I went on a mission to find the best behavioral trainer and found Jermaine. When we met for our one to one meeting I was reassured that the end result would be a happy and well-adjusted dog.

He would work with her to become social, respectful and to build her confidence so she could become a stabile member of the pack. Thanks to Jermaine and his team, Kona is able to interact with other dogs and has learned to trust her instincts. Loyal canine saved her life and Kona saved mine.

- Janet & Kona

Carson & Lily

In February of 2013, my husband & I decided to "foster" a dog from a great rescue organization that we previously adopted from. We already had 2 dogs mind you but hey, what's a 3rd. We had the whole thing planned out, drive the couple of hours to CT to pick him up, get him home & slowly introduce him to the pack. Well plans got tossed out, there was a storm coming, we drove through snow, ice, sleet & more snow coming home & when we finally got home it was pitch black. So the whole, let's introduce them outside off their turf thing didn't happen. We instead did a quick visit with each dog in the back yard before we all froze to death. Skip ahead a bit, Carson our new foster & I spent two days separated from everyone. Little demographic info here, Carson was stated to be over a year, Eh more like less than 6 months, Lily our Black Lab is 3 & Tedy the Golden is 4. Carson wanted to be loved the other two wanted him gone. Lily would bark at him nonstop when not showing her teeth or growling at him. We tried everything, re-introducing them off their turf, keeping Carson on a leash to quickly correct him but nothing was working. I was upset that we'd have to re-foster him to another family which was absolutely out of the question knowing he just came from a foster home that couldn't keep him because of a cat issue so I did the only thing I knew would get us through….I called Jermaine & Loyal Canines because giving up was not an option. At this point, Jermaine came out & evaluated the pack. We have some great dogs he told us. Meanwhile, my husband & I are at our wits end, he talked us through training techniques which we honestly tried to do but when we knew he was our "foster failure" & a permanent member of our home, we decided to invest the money into our family & have both Carson & Lily attend LC's boot camp. Had we not previously worked with Jermaine & witnessed first-hand his uncanny ability to tame these pups we never would've considered the boot camp but we knew our pups would be in the best, most capable hands of all. We knew that if there was anyone who could help turn our crazy train into the calm, quite perfect pack they were when he was here, this was our chance. We decided on Lily & Carson because they were the two dominant dogs, for 3 weeks they ate, slept & trained hard with Jermaine. Jermaine called & emailed us on a weekly basis so we could keep up with their progress. Jermaine dubbed Carson the Tiny Tornado because he didn't stop. But to hear they were both socializing not just with other dogs but with each other was worth it. They quickly became inseparable, sometimes Lily would bark if Carson wasn't around her, the complete opposite of what was happening at home, she would bark at the near sight of him. It was amazing to see our pack transform into the dogs we knew they could be! The training didn't stop there, Jermaine knew my husband & I needed some training as well. We were able to go over the commands with the guidance from Jermaine on sight before taking them home. Jermaine took the time to make sure everything from our tone of voice to our arm movements were as precise as his. I was skeptical at first, I figured at some point our Tiny Tornado would whip up but weeks after they came home the demeanor remained. We were now a pack of 5, living peacefully in the same home. We owe it all to Jermaine & his staff at Loyal Canines! We can't thank you enough! The Simpkins highly recommend any service from Jermaine but especially the boot camp!

- The Simpkins


I adopted my bull terrier mix Tucker from a shelter in the summer of 2007. He was a little over a year old at the time and had spent his entire life in either a basement or a shelter and had developed anxiety issues that I knew would take time and hard work to overcome. I spent the subsequent years bringing him to various trainers and facilities with little success or signs of improvement. Eventually, I got to a point where it was easier to avoid situations and manage the problem than it was to deal with his issues head on. The biggest issue I had was with aggression towards bigger dogs while going on our hour long energy expending walks. I was always on edge when walking him– walking in circles, going up on people's lawns, hiding behind cars – doing anything and everything to avoid an embarrassing encounter. I was speaking with a co-worker about my problems and he recommended Jermaine to me. I looked on the website and was immediately impressed by the testimonials and the description of his training approach. He came to my house on a Saturday afternoon and within minutes he had identified that the harness I was using was the problem and all I needed to do was use a training lead that gave me more control of his head and neck. He put a simple slip leash around his neck and walked Tucker while I walked a big dog across the street. Jermaine showed me how to redirect Tucker's focus and to keep Tucker's attention on his handler at all times. Tucker walked past me and didn't even blink an eye. I was incredulous at what I was seeing and when it came time for me to try I was hesitant to believe that a simple slip leash could control my 50 pound block of muscle better than a big hulking harness. Jermaine assured me that it would and to my surprise it did. I couldn't believe the improvement I saw in such a short amount of time after years of going to different trainers and never making any progress. After our session, he always made time to answer any questions that I had or give me advice as I got used to the new leash.

Fast forwarding to late 2012, my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to move in together. This represented a new challenge as she had two cats and I had Tucker. We tried on our own to see if they would get along but we quickly realized we needed professional help. As the moving date got closer, I reached out to Jermaine again to see if he could help and boot camp seemed like a great option to get him the training he needed and to allow the cats some time to acclimate to their new house. Jermaine agreed and Tucker was signed up for boot camp. Jermaine was great about giving me updates on his progress during the three weeks he was away. When I picked him up, Jermaine sat with me and told me what he had observed while training Tucker and gave me additional tools to use to make him more balanced and less anxious than ever before. When Tucker came out, he was the calmest that I had ever seen him and Jermaine worked with me to show me how to use the new training tools. After bringing him home from boot camp, he was a whole new dog. He was so much calmer and less anxious in stressful situations that I was able to do things with him that I could never do before – stand and watch the local little league games with him, bring him for walks around the local lakes and state reservations and much more. I'm so thankful to Jermaine and his boot camp for making such a big difference in the way I am able to spend quality time with Tucker.

Additionally, we scheduled a follow up session for Jermaine to come to our house work directly with our two cats Charlie and Max. Jermaine came to our house and showed us how to engage Tucker with the cats and how to correct him when his anxiety kicked in. He left us with all of the tools and knowledge needed to continue with the training on our own. It's been a slow, challenging process but Jermaine put us on the right path and set us up for success in the long run.

Since his stay at boot camp, Loyal Canines is now my boarding place of choice for Tucker when we go on long vacations. It is great to know that while we are away, Tucker is getting all the comforts of home along with full days of exercise, socializing and proper discipline. I wish that I lived closer so that I could bring him to Loyal Canines for day camp! I will continue to reach out to Jermaine for any fine tuning required and I would highly recommend Jermaine to anybody that has a dog problem that they think cannot be fixed. Thank you Jermaine from all of us – you are a pleasure to work with!

- Greg, Beth, Charlie, Max and Tucker

Finnegan & Seamus

My husband and I have had many dogs over the years we have been married. Seamus and Finnegan are the 4th and 5th dogs we have had, so we thought we knew how to work with them. Seamus and Finnegan are beautiful English Springer Spaniels that we thought were happy and somewhat well behaved. Until one day this winter Seamus bit me and we were seeing him have food aggression and leash aggression during our daily walks. We had never in all the years we have had dogs , did we see them display this type of behavior!! We contacted our Breeder who suggested for us to contact Jermaine at the Loyal Canine Academy. On our first visit with Seamus to the Academy Jermaine walked into the room and asked What Can I do to help you!! Well that just opened up the flood gates for me and my husband. Jermaine said he could feel our frustration in just that first meeting. We worked with Jermaine over the next couple of weeks to resolve first the food aggression. This was corrected in the first visit to our home. With such quick response to the work Jermaine had done to correct the food aggression we decided to send Seamus to the Boot Camp at the Academy. We have never had any of our dogs gone from the house for more than a week so this was a test to let Seamus go for 21 days!! Well Seamus is home and we could not be happier with the results…

His food and leash aggression is gone. Plus his recall is 100%. Our house is now a home where we and our dogs are balanced and happy. The dogs are exercised daily and have been attending weekly Daycare at the Loyal Canine Academy. They just are so excited to go and socialize with the dogs!! And to see Jermaine and his team!! They are the best!! We thank you!!

Warm Paws and Licks!
Finnegan and Seamus Reed


We got Maxwell from a shelter when he was about 9 months old. We bonded instantly. He was smart, lovable, and playful and seemed to enjoy the company of all other people and dogs. He seemed to have some separation anxiety at first but that calmed after a few months and we were convinced he was the perfect dog.

After having Maxwell for nearly a year, we started to notice some unusual behaviors. He was wary of people in hats or bikers, people who walked slowly or seemed to be acting strangely, delivery men and other people at the door, and so on. He would bark and growl at these people, even run towards them in an unnerving way. At first it was infrequent and totally unpredictable but it got consistently worse over time. He also began acting up when we had visitors, being especially excitable and hyper when they would come in.

Even worse was his behavior with other dogs. He began to instigate fights in the dog park, something he had never done before. On leash he would bark, growl, and lunge at every dog we saw. It was so bad that we found ourselves avoiding certain walking routes and crossing the street when other dogs were ahead. The worst part was that he could no longer go off leash. Between his erratic behavior with people and his aggression towards dogs, it was just too risky. We were heartbroken knowing that his life was a million times more fun and balanced when he was able to run free in the woods, play with other dogs, and chase squirrels.

We knew we needed help. We tried several forms of training – filling his belly with "rewards" every day, clicking the life out of little plastic clickers, nothing was working! Maxwell was barely 2 years old and we weren't willing to commit to a lifetime of him stuck on his leash with very little interaction with other dogs or people. We found Jermaine at Loyal Canines, visited him with Maxwell in Salem, enrolled Maxwell in Boot Camp, and have never looked back.

During Boot Camp, Jermaine was fantastic at answering all of our questions. He sent us regular updates. It was clear that he really listened to us when we started working with him and was working to fix Maxwell's issues, not just following some standard training routine. Moreover, he taught us how to fix our issues. Jermaine worked with Maxwell to balance him out and then taught us how to keep him there. In the time after Maxwell came home, Jermaine was always there for us when we needed to make sure we were doing everything just right.

Maxwell is a new and improved dog. He is happier, calmer, and much more responsive to us but still his silly, playful self. We can comfortably let him off leash and he is able to play with other dogs without issue. Walking with Maxwell is now an enjoyable event rather than a nerve-wracking ordeal. We can have guests come into our home without Maxwell jumping all over them. We are confident that, with our continued practice, the training that Jermaine has instilled in Maxwell will last a lifetime! The investment in the training was worth its results a million times over.

- Elizabeth Moniz, Maxwell

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