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Dog Tracking Classes in Peabody, Beverly & Salem MA Area

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and love to use their noses. Tracking is a 100% motivational dog training activity. It is a fun training exercise for owners and allows dogs to take advantage of their natural instincts while encouraging their innate abilities through various scent-oriented games. Not only can you earn titles in various dog tracking sports, but it's enjoyable to have a friend lay a track, and then amaze them by having your dog show you exactly where they went!

Teaching a dog to follow human odor on surfaces such as asphalt or cement may be harder than starting on grass, but the transition to other surfaces is much easier as there are less distraction odors like crushed vegetation or bugs in the beginning. Through dog training, your dog will learn to distinguish not only human odor from distraction odors, but also one specific human odor from other human odors. It's tons of fun for your dog and will only strengthen your bond with one another. Some dogs will progress faster than others, but if your dog likes treats and has a nose, we can teach him or her to track! Working puppies and or dogs with a high food drive or toy drive are always eager to work with their dog trainer or handler and to learn. A tracking class can be an exciting way to progress from puppy classes if your dog is eager to continue learning beyond basic dog obedience exercises.

Dog tracking classes are offered at our Peabody MA location, where we serve clients from the North Shore of Massachusetts, including Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn and Danvers, MA.

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