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Private Dog Training Services

Private One-On-Lessons are offered at Loyal Canines Academy for dog owners who desire highly interactive, customized approach to dog training for establishing a foundation of obedience with their dogs. You will meet with one of our trainers at our campus for each lesson to learn how to motivate and control your dog’s behaviors in a structured environment, adding increasing distractions with each lesson.

Prior to the start of One-On-One Private Lessons, one of our dog trainers will administer a Temperament Test to evaluate your dog’s sociability, environmental reactivity, and aggressive tendencies. We’ll also assess what drives your dog – be it high-value food rewards, toys, praise or a combination of factors to encourage accelerated learning.

Whether your challenges are: begging, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, puppy crate training, house breaking, destructive behavior, or you just desire improved manners, our dog trainers work with you to develop a customized plan specific to your dog’s age, breed and behavioral issues. We’ll personally coach you how to be your dog’s pack leader, a better dog handler, and establish an open line of communication with your dog for improved behavior both at home and in public so your dog can become a canine good citizen.

We offer a variety of a variety of learning and socialization opportunities for dogs across the North Shore of Massachusetts, including Canine Camp, BootCamp, Tracking, Protection Training, and Dog Daycare

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